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A condom reveals venereal diseases

The number of patients with STDs is increasing every year and it is therefore necessary to protect themselves.

Venereal diseases can be bacterial (syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea…), parasitic (scabies, louse, ammo…), fungal (candidiasis) or viral (genital warts, hepatitis B, HIV…).

Isaac Newton Academy high school students presented their revolutionary idea for the Teen Tech award. It was three young men (14) of Muaz Nawaz, Daanyaal Ali and Chirag Shah who designed special condoms. The condom is called S.T.EYE. They won first place in the Healthcare category and a thousand pounds.

Condoms have a special layer that responds to the presence of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. Depending on the venereal disease, the condom turns into different colors under the light. It has an indicator that stains based on the strain of bacteria present. A similar method is offered as a special film that is glued to the smartphone.

The colors are blue, purple, yellow and green. Blue indicates syphilis, purple indicates papillomavirus (the main cause of cervical cancer), yellow indicates herpes and green indicates chlamydia.

It's also a good indicator of partner infidelity. If the couple live together and the condom becomes colored, it is clear that the partner was unfaithful. According to the color you can immediately identify the type of STD and you can start treatment.

According to critics, a condom can scare someone. Sexually active people (over 50%) carry papillomaviruses and many others. He sees another problem in the indication of a person who is ill and how he / she reacts if the partner is a carrier of several diseases.