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A Day of a Burning Snowman

It always falls on March 20 every year.

For the first time this day was celebrated in March 1971 at Laker Superior State University (LSSU) by Unicorn Hunters (former campus club). They were inspired in Germany in Weinheim-an-der-Bergstrasse, where the mayor passes the snowman city. If children learn, behave and listen to their parents, the snowman is filled with grass and burned.

Lake Superior is one of the coldest areas in the country and therefore a burning snowman marks the end of winter and celebrates with a big festival, poetry and greatest fire. They celebrate mostly in America and Switzerland.

In 1992, this holiday was canceled due to environmental concerns raised by the Environmental Awareness Club. A year later, the holiday was renewed with a campaign for its renewal. There were petitions for renewal, and there were debates on television and radio to restore this holiday.

This holiday is a change of the season when winter is leaving and spring is coming. Snowmen are made of straw, paper, wood and decorated like a snowman.