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Apex Legends

Apex Legends ended 11 months of Fortnit's highest ratings

Fortnite was the most watched game on Twitch for 11 months until Apex Legends came to the scene, breaking Fortnit's biggest ratings. Apex Legends had more spectators over the moon than Fortnite. That's why Fortnite ended up a little less watched than League of Legends, which was the second most watched game. Over 670,000 people attuned to Apex Legends at their peak in February. According to GitHyp compared to approximately massive 615,000 viewers for Fortnite, which has a peak of nearly 1.5 million viewers. But in March, the order changed again with the launch of Fortnite Season 8, a major update to bring pirates, ninjas, cannons, buried treasure, and even a volcano, and managed to return a lot of viewers. Twitch is unstable, and while Apex Legends is just a month old, people want more new things. But it is possible that the first Battle Passport and possibly the new character of Octane will soon bring people back to Apex Legends. Apex Legends for EA was not just a big hit, but according to a new Superdata market research report, it was the biggest free game ever. This number is not official but comes from Superdata's "proprietary data partnerships" and "point of sale and event data from publishers, developers and payment service providers" through which it extrapolates the monthly spending habits of more than 160 million "unique, paying digital players all over the world" world. " The company estimates that Apex Legends exceeded more than $ 92 million in all platforms in February, making it one of the top ten games per month. Most of the Apex money was created on consoles, not on PCs, but it wasn't enough to get through Fortnite on a PC or console.