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Armed Forces Day

It is celebrated every year on the last Thursday in June

On June 30, 1918 in Darney, the twenty-first and twenty-second rifle regiments of the Czechoslovak Brigade swore loyalty to the future republic. This day, the French government officially announced that it recognized the right of Czechoslovaks to an independent state. On February 7, 2002, the President of the Republic set the date of June 30 as the Armed Forces Day. It was created to give everyone the opportunity to show their support and gratitude to those who are currently serving in the armed forces and those who have served in them. Strengthening the morale that armed forces gain from these actions is invaluable and reminds families and members of the armed forces why it is so important.

The armed forces largely protect the country by the great amount of work they are doing today overseas, mainly by working towards humanitarian aid and helping to protect civilians in warring countries. The risk that comes with working in overseas war zones means that these brave men and women have to put their lives on the line - and today recognizes the great sacrifices that these people make to ensure the safety of others.