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Attentat 1942

It is a Czech computer game from 2017

It tells the story of the Nazi occupation during World War II from the perspective of the people who experienced World War II. The characters in the game and their stories are fictional, but based on historical research and testimonies of the times. The game was created by scientists from the Philosophical and Mathematical-Physical University of Charles University and the Institute for Contemporary Art of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The game was released on Oc and MAC on October 31, 2017 on Steam, released in all countries except Germany where it was blocked because of the German practice of not rating games with Nazi symbolism. In August 2018, however, a change in measures was made in Germany and it is now possible to grant ratings to Nazi symbolic games in its appropriate use. So the game Attentat 1942 was released in Germany as the first PC game with Nazi symbolism that was given a rating after this change. The game has won several awards: Czech Game of the Year 2017, Best Game at the Festival A MAZE in Germany, Best Game and Games of Change Festival in the USA, Best Story nomination at the Independent Gmaes Festival in USA . He has a score of 75 on the Metacritic server. 4/5 in the Level magazine and say, "Don't look for a traditional adventure. close to home is just the last icing on the bittersweet cake. " The Score magazine rated the game 79% and says, "A commendable teaching tool and an interactive documentary that features some gameplay, a more intense atmospheric experience, as much fun as it teaches."