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Barbie Day

It always falls on March 9th every year.

The Barbie doll is named Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Barbie doll is one of the most famous and best selling in the world. It's a fashion doll made by American Mattel, Inc. and began selling on March 9, 1959. American businesswoman Ruth Handler using the German doll Bild Lilli has created a Barbie doll. She noticed that her daughter gave her dolls adult roles. At that time, toys were mostly infants. She suggested an adult doll and she showed it to her husband (co-founder of Mattel). In Europe, in 1956, she discovered the German toy Bild Lilli (blonde, working girl). After returning home, she reworked the doll with the help of engineer Jack Ryan and got the name Barbie (after her daughter). The debut had a doll in New York at the American International Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. This date is used as the birthday of Barbie.

The first Barbie was like a blonde and a brunette and she had a black white swimsuit. During the first year, some 350,000 dolls were sold. The appearance of the doll has changed several times over the years, but most in 1971, mainly eyes. They were adapted to look forward to the original model. It was one of the first toys that had a marketing strategy based on television advertising.

Barbie has over 40 animals, a range of vehicles, trailers, jeeps. Her boyfriend is Ken (Ken Carson) and first appeared in 1961.

Barbie has been the subject of numerous conversations and litigation, often also a parody of a doll and her lifestyle.

There is also Barbie syndrome. It's the desire to have the physical look and lifestyle of Barbie doll. They try to imitate the physical appearance of the doll (but the doll has unattainable body dimensions).

Every year Mattel sells more than a billion of these dolls in more than 150 countries. Mattel claims that 3 Barbie dolls are sold every second.