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Barman's Day

It always falls on February 24th every year.

Roman, Greek, and Asian companies had public drinking houses that were social places. Prior to the 15th century, bartenders mostly owned pubs and breweries and produced their own alcohol. Later, the bartenders had a high social status because the taverns became an important place not only for writers.

Pioneers of barman activity as a serious profession appeared in the 19th century. Harry Johnson wrote a bartending booklet and established the first bar management agency. Barman work was the second temporary job for students.

The bartenders are told that in addition to their profession they must be good psychologists. Lots of people solve problems (financial, relationship, work) at the bar. The bartender often has to listen to their problems and make a willow, and he is also often awaiting advice. Bartenders often pay people on their shoulders, are good listeners, or tell jokes. Barmans are also often the target of frustrated guests witnessing riot or harassment.

Today is devoted to bartenders to think about their work, what they suffer and what they have to go through.

You can rotate that day, and when you go to the bar, find out if something is bothering a bartender. They are just people and have problems.

A bartender is a person whose task is to prepare and serve mixed alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It deals with bar equipment (mixers, glasses, shakers, provides cooling, fruit treatment, ingredients, other raw materials and beverages). The bartender usually performs his work behind the bar in front of guests.

In some countries, bartenders are obliged to refuse to pour drunk customers.

Today go to the bar and have your favorite drink.