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It always falls on July 4 every year.

This day was created to praise this old-fashioned practice and encourage everyone to get out and try to create delicious dishes.

Barbecue is the heat treatment of food that is subject to heat radiation. This is caused by an electric heating coil or by chewing pieces of fuel. When grilling, the ambient air temperature should not be high to prevent other heat transfer.

A direct and indirect grilling method is used. The direct method lies in the direct action of heat on the food. It is suitable for food that grills less than 30 minutes (steaks, sausage, chop, hamburger). The food must rotate to give a typical indentation. The indirect method consists in placing the baking dish between 2 heat sources. Long-lasting meals (large pieces of meat and fine food, and direct grilling) can be used. You can grill on a stone plate (without carcinogenic substances and fat). The stone is made of fine or medium grain granite. Another option is grilling on lava stones. It is used with gas-type grills and propane-butane is used. The negative is the influence on the taste of the grilled food by burnt fat and the possibility of the dripping of the dripping fat on the lava stones.

The disadvantage of grilling is the emergence of carcinogenic chemicals (nitrosamines, heterocyclic amines or polyaromatic hydrocarbons) in foods. Another risk is the possibility of contaminating germs (salmonella, E. coli, listeria) that cause infectious diseases.

The origins of the barbecue belong to the native Haitians that the Spaniards met when Columbus first came. They cooked the meat on sticks hanging over the fire and smoke. Thus the term barbarian entered Spanish language and from there became a barbecue. Then the barbecue grew around the world. The traditional barbacoa involves digging a hole in the ground and placing the meat above the container, thereby allowing the juices to be used for broth production. It is then covered with leaves of Magda and coal and ignited. The cooking process takes several hours.

You can grill meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, pastries or foods you love.

Vegetables are suitable for grilling zucchini, aubergine and pepper.

Cut aubergine and zucchini into slices approximately 0.5 cm thick and a pepper on tapes or larger cubes. Place on the hot grill (no oil). When a brownish imprint of the grid is formed from below, turn the vegetables over and grill. You just need to grill pepper from one side where the peel is. Put the roasted vegetables in a bowl and then season with the spices to taste (olive oil, salt, herbs, basil pesto, wine vinegar).

Enjoy your meal

You can use #NationalBBQDay hashtag and #NationalBarbecueDay or social media.