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Beer valuation day

It always falls on January 24th every year.

The first beer in the sheet was sold on January 24, 1935. Over 3 months, more than 80% of US distributors sold Krueger canned beer. By the end of 1953, more than 200 million beer cans had been sold and manufactured.

Beer is a fermented alcoholic beverage that has a bitter taste. It is produced in a brewery made from corn malt, water and hops using brewer's yeast (or wild yeast). In beer there is a significant proportion of minerals.

Today, beer is consumed around the world. The country of origin is Mesopotamia between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in the 7th millennium BC The theory is that beer was a coincidence. The grain was stored in clay pots and some of the water was pumped, and fermentation resulted in water with a narcotic flavor. Then these fermented beverages began to be produced and the Sumerians were called "kash", the Babyloňany again "šikarum". This beer was mostly cooked by women.

Sumerian "kaš" beer was prepared without hops (at that time it was not known yet). Kaš prepared from barley bread and malt. He placed himself in a large jar and there was a jolt. To make a bitter taste, they used roasting bread in hot ash or adding green mustard or sesame seeds.

The Egyptians in turn used barley from which they produced malt and different types of wheat instead of hops. That's why the beer tasted sweet.

With the emergence of malt fermenting, many types of beer began to emerge. Since the 3rd millennium BC, drinking beer has been widespread.

In the 19th century, beer has enjoyed great popularity. A new technology for beer production based on filtration and pasteurization of beer was created. In 1876, the first beer brewery was established and the American brewery Budweiser was founded. In the second half of the 20th century small breweries began to be established. The first is mainly in the UK.

The oldest Czech brewery is Brevnov Monastery Brewery in Břevnov Monastery founded in 993.

Collectors all over the world are looking for rare, new and unique varieties. The collector can have hundreds of beer cans in many different sizes, types and ages.

Cans need less time to cool down, shop supplies are easier to operate, and beer cans is more disgraceful. With the arrival of beer in cans, US breweries could transport millions of cans of beer to overseas soldiers during World War II. Beer in the plate can sail over the boat, be at the top of the mountain and all under constant pressure, delicious and prepared wherever you are.

Technological innovations have changed over the years and are therefore also valued. The first cans opened with a key wedge. Only a finger is needed to open today.