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Burning witches

The tradition dates from the Middle Ages and is also called the Filipojakub Night. The Celts called Beltine this night and Valpružina night in Germany.

Once, people believed that the night of April 30th On May 5th, evil and dark powers are the greatest powers. Broomsticks wandered to the designated places and celebrated their sabbath. They danced dancing, cooked potions and poisons, and also made various spells to harm people.

There were seven types of wood on the border, and the man from the village who had the last wedding, the witch's figurine, lit up. People have been purged of evil in this way. Another 7 fires were lit as fire protection. When the fires began to burn, the people lit torches and went to fields and fields and danced and sang. That way, they were driving evil forces.

In front of the house people drew magical circles and crosses because the witches were afraid of them. There was a lilac in front of the gates in front of the door as protection. There were sharp rods and branches with thorns or forks. The witches should be hurt.

Today it is more about entertainment for children and adults. Contests for children (small witches and wizards) are held, and there is a stand full of refreshments and souvenirs everywhere. In the meadows a border is set, into which is inserted a witch dummy (made of straw, old rags) and ignited.

The witches wrestled with a magical ointment before sabbath to fly. The broom was made of ash wood and willow and birch beads. They had vessels full of poisons, snakes, and toads. They changed in wolves, dogs or other animals. Then they told what they had done to the evil people.

All the witches were not evil. Those who were able to correct the fracture knew the secrets of the herbs, and the diseases were reversed. Their knowledge has contributed to useful discoveries. Old natural magic has influenced medicine, chemistry, physics and biology. In addition to her babies, they were also treated by blacksmiths. Not even these witty witches were easy. In the Middle Ages they were victims of a witch hunt. Many innocent women were tortured and burned across borders across Europe and America.