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They always come on February 2 every year.

This is a Christian holiday and they became a celebration of the coming spring. It's a feast of candles and is connected with protection from fire, storm and lightning. In the church, candles (moths) were lit up on this day and stood in the storms to protect the household. Christians remembered this day as an event of the Holy Family. Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem. There it was symbolically redeemed from the duty to become a priest. Marie also ended the 40-day period of postpartum cleansing. That's why Christmas time ended in Hromnice and a Christmas tree and a nativity scene were hiding.

According to Old Slavic customs, the Hromnice are perceived as the birth of the god Perun, who is the ruler of thunder and lightning. In February, people were welcomed by various rituals of the first thunderstorms and thunderstorms to ensure protection. They worshiped the fertile force of Peruna and waited for spring until the winter lost their power. They often moved furniture, picked up cars or waved tools to help Perun expel evil spirits from their buildings. The most famous pranostika on Hromnice is - Na Hromnice an hour more.

You can also try the rituals that take place at Hromnice. It is a good day for making and initiating candles for later use. Energize the house by relocating the furniture. With the broom, all misery and everything negative out of the house.