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Cereal Day

It always falls on March 7th every year.

In 1863, the first cereal breakfast was invented in the US by James Caleb Jackson and was named Granula. It was not popular, because heavy bran needed to soak overnight to eat.

Johy Harvey Kellogg invented a cereal that did not need to soak overnight. He experimented with granule and wheat. He discovered a product that was light and scaly and suitable for breakfast. He invented his invention in 1891 and the Cornflakes brand was established in 1895. They immediately became very popular.

Until 1890, people mostly eaten eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and meat. Today too many people prefer this breakfast. In the United States, breakfast cereals are the most popular meal. Cereals are popular not only for breakfast all over the world.

The biggest boom however, the cereals experienced in 1939, when they began to appear in a sweet form.

Today, cereals are manufactured in various designs with different flavors and with milk, yoghurt, fruit, nuts. They can also be eaten as a snack, which is definitely better than sweets.

Cereals or cereals are wholemeal and non-cereal grains. Whole grain cereals have a higher nutritional content than nutrients. They contain B vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

It depends on you if you buy ready-made cereals or make them yourself from the flakes and other ingredients you like (nuts, dried fruits ...). If you buy ready-made cereals, watch out for what they are made especially if you want to lose weight.