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Cheese fondue day

It always falls on April 11 every year.

Cheese fondues were originally as hearty Swiss food. Cheese fondue was officially established in 1875, when the original recipe with cheese and wine was released. Previously, fondue with eggs and sometimes truffles. The newer blend had 2 components, but it was not compact and constantly separated. Around 1905, corn starch was introduced into Switzerland and the problem was solved. This produced and allowed the production of a smooth and stable cheese fondue emulsion. In 1966, in Zurich, a book entitled Kass mit Wien zu kochen was published and contained the oldest known recipe for cheese fondue. According to the recipe, the cheese should be grated or cut and dissolved with wine.

Fondue is a dish of melted cheese and other ingredients. Served in a common pot and heated with a candle or burner. Then the bread or the taste is dipped in the forks (long sticks) into the melted cheese. Cheese fondue consists of cheese, wine and spices.

The funds can be dipped in bread but popular is cucumber, garlic clove, olives, onions and many other ingredients to taste. They can be made not only from 1 but also combine from more cheeses, add hot peppers or spices to taste. If we want to try a new flavor, instead of wine we give beer and cheddar cheese is suitable for it.

It is important to choose a high quality cheese that is easy to melt because it affects the quality and the end result. It is best to grate the cheese before slicing.

First, spread the garlic, then heat the wine and cheese until there is a liquid and a small amount of starch. You can add strong alcohol from cherries just before the end.

The usual preparation mixtures are from 1 dcl of dry white wine, 200g of cheese (a mixture of hard and semi-hard).

Cheese fondue recipe:


half deci cherry

2 dcl dry white wine (as needed)

1 tablespoon of starch

1 clove of garlic

400g cheese (gouda, cheddar, to taste)


The garlic is spread over the pot, the cheese and 1 deci of wine are added. Heat slowly while stirring until the cheese is dissolved and subjected to wine. When the cheese is dissolved, add half a decade of cherry and also some wine mixed with starch. Dilute with wine as needed.

Slice the bread or baguette (just in your mouth). Put the pastry into a sauce that is supposed to be so thick that it rolls well on the pastry and does not run down. During the meal, reduce the flame to keep the sauce warm. The sauce should not stand in the pot for a long time because it loses quality.

Enjoy your meal