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Children's inventors day

It always falls on January 17th every year.

Children, though less knowledgeable about the world and how it works, have practical and useful ideas. A lot of things we use today invented by children or adolescents.

This day was created a few years ago by people who wanted to celebrate the successes of the youngest inventors and encourage children to be creative.

Date 17 January is not selected at random. This dream was born to American statesman, diplomat, naturalist and writer Benjamin Franklin (17 January 1706 - 17 April 1790). In his 12 years, Franklin invented the first swimming fin in the world. A lot of children around the world invented things like a trampoline, headphones, water ski, snowmobile or Braille.

Trampoline in 1930 invented George Nissen at the age of 16. He watched the artists fall into the safety net that completed their exit and thought it would be great if they could bounce off. In his parents' garage, he reached out across the metal frame and the trampoline was in the world. Originally called the bouncing platform.

Headsets in 1877 invented Chester Greenwood at 19. He made a wireframe and his grandmother found a beaver balls on him. He created the first headphones and patented them.

The snowmobile was invented by Joseph-Armand Bombardier and his brother in 1922. It occurred to him what would happen if the engine were joined by the sleds when they were driving with their father in Ford and shook it.

Braille was invented by Louis Braille in 1809. At the age of three he lost sight. At the age of 15, he changed the military code for reading at night on the battlefield, and devised a Braille that was recorded using dots.

This day is for children who deserve our recognition and celebrates all who have come up with a better solution than all adults before them.


Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to stay an artist once he grows up. "