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Chimborazo volcano day

It is always celebrated on June 3rd

Spoka is on the Ecuadorian national emblem.

It is Ecuador's highest mountain (In South America)

The peak is 6263 m.

Chomborazo has 5 peaks: Whymper (6263 m.), Veintimilla, North Peak, East Peak.

Sometimes it is considered the highest mountain in the world. Although it has no higher altitude than Everest, it has the highest altitude from the core of the earth and only because of the curvature of our planet. Chimborazo Mountain Day celebrates this kind of mountains. The conquest of such mountains / volcanoes is of great importance for geographic history, as is one of the 2 key points to determine the true shape of the Earth. In collaboration with the French Geodetic Mission, the Lapland team used data from nearly the highest point of the volcano and found that the land of reality was not a sphere. Since then, the Earth was known to be more oval (known as a tangle spheroid).

It took the people 80 years. Every time they gave up and turned around, it was because of the daunting height, the rocky slopes and the danger of altitude sickness. Alexander von Humbolt climbed the mountain in 1802 and reached a point of 5875 m, making him a European who climbed to the highest heights. In 1886 Edward Whymper, who climbed to the top even twice, overcame him.