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Counting Day

It always falls on May 15 every year.

The first Counting Day took place on May 15, 2018 in the UK. It was a great success and over 25,000 people attended.

Numbers play a great everyday role in our lives. They help people increase their numerical skills and build their trust. We use numbers in everyday life and at home. People often feel overwhelmed with bills, confused by bank charges, and deal with shopping in stores. This day can help build your family's confidence and skills in using numbers.

Poor mathematical literacy can affect people's lives and the economy. People of working age (almost half) have the mathematical skills of a child in primary school. Low literacy people have up to twice the probability of unemployment.

This day is about unifying individuals, employees, educators, and others to improve numeracy.

The goal is to celebrate numbers and use them in everyday life. To remind people how important numbers are in life, benefit, develop skills in mathematics.

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