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Crossword puzzle day

It looks on December 21 every year.

The crossword puzzle is a puzzle work based on the crossing of the inscribed expressions. They are also very popular today and are a regular part of the newspaper. They have a positive effect because the brisk brain cells, exercise memory, extend knowledge and have calming effects.

Among the most popular are Swedish crosswords, especially in Europe, where the legend is written in boxes.

The theory of the crossword is different. The Englishman Victor Orville of Oxford created and appeared in the press in 1913 as the first crossword puzzle when he was serving punishment in Cape Town, South Africa. In prison he read all books in the library and began to get bored. Then he noticed that the floor in the cell creates white and black square tiles. In the light boxes he wrote words and discovered a new game based on the search for synonyms.

The first crossword puzzle was compiled by Artur Wynne from Liverpool. This riddle (later the crossword puzzle) was published on December 13, 1913 in New York's New York World newspaper for the title American Crossword. He was inspired by Orville, and he just assumed his crossword puzzle.

Crosswords have different difficulty. The goal is to completely and correctly unravel and find a secret.