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Day guacamole

It always falls on 16 September each year.

Guacamole is an avocado dish from the Aztecs in today's Mexico. The word guacamole is from the word ahuacamolli of the Nahuatl language (Aztec) and in translation means avocado salsa. Guacamole is used as a food additive (dip), salad or spread. It is popular not only in Mexico and the USA but also in other countries. Avocado was cultivated for the first time in Mexico 10,000 years ago.

Avocado is a source of vitamins (C, B, K, E), minerals, fats and helps lower cholesterol. The avocado is also called an alligator pear due to its skin structure.

Traditional preparation is crushing avocado pulp in mortar with sea salt, tomato, chili and lemon juice and served with tortilla chips, corn chips. Some recipes may include onions, basil, mayonnaise, coriander, yogurt, pepper, yogurt, peas, jalapeño and many other ingredients. Lemon is added to the avocado to prevent unwanted browning, as it prevents oxidation due to ascorbic acid (contained in lemon juice).


Basic recipe for guacamole:








Cut the avocado lengthwise with a knife to the oven. Open the avocado in a twisting motion. Knock the knife in the stone and pull or pull the stone out. Crush avocado pulp and mix with lime and salt juice. Mix everything well and you're done.


Enjoy your meal.