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Day of chocolate foam

It always falls on March 3 every year.

There are several types of foam. They can be sweet, salty, hot or cold.

The original foam was made in the 18th Century by French culinary experts. This dessert gained popularity in France in 1800. They were made of eggs. French "mousse" means foam. Chocolate has been in France since 1615 and has fallen in love with it. Later, the French developed a method of producing foam. The chocolate foam can be bitter, milk or any combination of chocolate. You can serve this fancy fancy in any decorative glass or martini, spoon or tray. We can use any fruit, sweet sauce or whipped cream as an ornament.

The goal of this day is to celebrate this amazing meal and the people who create it.

Recipe for chocolate foam is full and you just have to choose.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe:


250g cream

75g sugar

65g butter

5 eggs

250g chocolate

Bake butter and chocolate in a water bath. Meanwhile, we shimme the cream and whip out the whites. Egg yolk with sugar, pour chocolate and add whipped cream. Stir and add the snow and mix again gently. Mix everything (move very carefully and gently to make it airy and light, then fill in prepared glasses, mold and let cool.

Enjoy your meal.