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Day of departure from New Year's resolutions

It always falls on January 17 every year.

About 4,000 years ago, the tradition of New Year's resolutions began. The New Year's Eve was celebrated in the past in mid-March, when crops were planted. As today, there has been a failure to meet resolutions at a rapid pace. This day is not an incentive to renounce your resolutions, hopes and dreams, but to decide correctly what is real and what you desire.

New Year's resolutions are a tradition where a person decides to change unwanted qualities or behavior to achieve a personal goal or improve life. The Babylonians promised their gods at the beginning of each year to return the borrowed items and pay their debts.

Today is the right day to give up your New Year's resolutions. You don't have to feel guilty of breaking them. According to some studies, nearly 80% of people leave their New Year's resolutions during the year.

New Year's resolutions are often impossible. It is time to recognize that your resolutions were disproportionate and unrealistic. This day is a liberation from the first mistakes of the New Year.

Every year at the beginning we believe that next year will be different and we will not go back to our old habits and we will not continue them. A few days after the New Year, it turns out that the New Year's resolutions are promising but not kept. It is important to realize that the decision to change must be taken at any time of the year and it is enough to start in small pieces.

Take New Year's resolutions as a bad habit. You need to reassess your life and look for real and meaningful reasons for change. The reason is not the New Year, but your will and determination. It is important to realize that most of the New Year's resolutions are stupid, restrictive and depressing and few who keep them. You have to start living your life and if you are not happy change it because you want and not because it is a new year.

New Year's resolutions are as effective as trying to fill a strainer with water.

You can use the #DitchNewYearsResolutionsDay or social network hashtag.