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Day of dry shampoo

It always falls on March 12th every year.

Dry shampoo has been known since the 15th century, when people in Asia used clay lotion for hair rejuvenation. In the 18th century America used corn and rice starch. This removes the odors from the wig and noticed the effect on the hair.

In 1940 the first dry shampoo was introduced. The European brand Klorane (brand known for its quality dry shampoos) announced this holiday in 2017.

Klorane sees this holiday as an opportunity to use this secret weapon against greasy and dry hair between showering. French young pharmacist Pierre Fabre has extended the idea of ​​using organic plants as the basis of its products.

Not all dry shampoos work the same way, so look at the ingredients of the product before buying or using them. They are sold in powder or spray. Dry shampoos are amazing and serve as a great helper to keep your hair free of washing.

Dry shampoo is for people who do not have time to wash their hair and need a good and quick look. Klorane has a unique formula that absorbs dirt within 2 minutes and also delivers volume and texture to the hair.

There is also the NO POO method (no shampoo). It's about not using any cosmetic hair care products (supposedly detrimental to quality and vitality) that we used to use for decades. Ideally, it is only washed with water. If you want to give our hair supplements and fragrances, natural products (oils, apple vinegar, edible soda and others) can be used. From the beginning, the hair and the skin have to get used to because excessive sebum production occurs. Someone may experience these symptoms for a few days or up to several months. Therefore, dry shampoo can be used as a temporary help when your hair does not look good.

When choosing shampoos, we have to choose between spray and powder. Powder shampoo is lighter and does not have a pronounced scent and less hair. Its use is a bit more complicated. Dry shampoo is easier to apply and is suitable for greasy hair but has a stronger aroma that does not all fit.

For shampoo use either in powder or spray, there are full instructions on the internet with video.