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Day of flying dragons

It always happens on February 8th every year.

Already in the 5th century in China dragons brought joy and relaxation. China is full of tradition and history of the dragon origin. It is related to how the wind affects leaves on trees. According to the legend, the dragons are created to spy on their enemies or to send messages. According to evidence, the dragons were used for fishing by people from the southern shores of the islands when they were used by the people of China.

Originally they were made of bamboo or robust reed (frame) and leaves, silk or paper as a surface of a dragon. They were also used for ceremonies. They sent news to heaven and had a symbolic place in the culture.

Today kites are mainly used for fun and hobbies. They are simple types of dragons to complex big and giant dragons.

The aim is to remind you of the feeling of freedom that one has when guiding the dragon.

The dragon is a heavier flying device than the air connected with the rope with the ground. The air is maintained without its own drive only by aerodynamic forces.

Two major disciplines, technical flight handling and aesthetic qualities are judged in competitions (drakiady). The kite can also be sport and Powerkiting is a dragon ride. Man is left with a dragon (special paragliding type) to drag on a surfboard, skateboard or snowboard.

Originally, dragons were used in meteorology and military. Before the First World War, the army tried to improve it for intelligence purposes. Specially modified dragons were able to kidnap the human crew. In 1905, Brooke-Smith ascended the kite system to 1048 meters. Dragons were used before the first meteorological satellites. The record reached by one dragon was 28 February 1898 in Milton, up to 3200 meters (a boxed dragon on a steel wire). A better result was achieved on August 1, 1919 above the German Lindenberg and climbed to a height of almost 9.5 kilometers (a boxed dragon supported by a system of eight other dragons).

A total of 5 types of kites are used (flat, acrobatic, paragliding, box and Chinese).