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Day of Irish Coffee

It always falls on January 25th every year.

Irish coffee is a delicious cocktail of black coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey and whipped cream.

In 1942, this drink was inspired by Joe Sheridan, a bartender from Foynes Airbase in Ireland. After a very cold 18-hour journey through the Atlantic Ocean, a group of passengers stood by the bar. Joe cooked them hot coffee and added whiskey to it. One of the passengers allegedly asked if that Brazilian coffee is. Joe laughed and said it was Irish coffee.

Ten years later, Jack Koeppler (owner of the Buena Vista Bar in San Francisco) and Stanton Delaplane (travel writer) joined and Irish coffee began serving in the United States. Popularity of drinks has spread throughout the country and is still popular.

The basis is quality coffee, prepared by filtering, genuine Irish whiskey, cane sugar and a lot of fat cream. True Irish coffee is one of the most delicious cocktails.

Recipe for True Irish Coffee:


Glasses with a volume of 230ml

Fresh filtered coffee

Cucumber sugar 2 teaspoons

True Irish whiskey 2 - 4 cl



We prepare a glass of hot hot water and fresh filtered coffee. Add sugar to a warm glass and pour coffee under the top of the glass. Then add the whiskey. Smooth greasy cream but not completely dense (reminded of a dense white color but not allowed to sink, but swim on the surface after contact with coffee). Smoothed slowly into a glass of coffee just below the edge of the glass.

Enjoy your meal.