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Day of raisins in chocolate

It always falls on March 24 every year.

Chocolate raisins have been popular for many years. They can be in dark, milk or white chocolate. Raisins are a rich source of calcium, iron, vitamin B and are high in fiber. They also have a low glycemic index and also have blood pressure lowering properties. When combined with high-percentage bitter chocolate, you can be healthy. If chocolate eats in the purest form with a minimum of sugar, it can reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease and blood pressure. This increases mood and improves vision.

Raisin is a dried vine fruit. They are used in dough, filling, cooking, chocolate or raw alone or in a mixture of nuts or dried fruits. Raisins are very sweet because of their high sugar concentration. Nearly 75% of their weight is sugar. If stored for a long time, the sugar inside will start to crystallize. When you immerse them for a while, the crystals will dissolve (water, alcohol, fruit juice, milk).

Sulfur dioxide is used to prolong the shelf life of raisins, thereby endangering the quality but also the allergy consumer.

According to historians, people have noticed dried fruits and found that they are sweet and used them as sweetening foods like honey. Then someone decided to put chocolate on the raisins.

The most famous raisins in chocolate are Raisinets and were made in a confectionery in 1927 in Philadelphia. In 1984, Nestle purchased the Raisinets production rights.

Approximately more than 1,000,000 raisins in chocolate are produced per hour.

Raisins are toxic to dogs and are believed to be in cats. Dogs cause acute rental failure. To date, no toxin has been detected which causes these problems. The renal cause indicates a problem in the kidney.

Each Raisinet covered with chocolate is polished to shine.

Make your own chocolate raisins:


400 - 450 raisins

2 tablespoons of cocoa

1 chocolate bitter

Dissolve the chocolates in the pot and add the cocoa. Mix thoroughly until thick and allow to cool slightly. The mixture must not be too stiff after moderate cooling. In the meantime, put raisins in the freezer for 5 minutes. Mix the raisins with the chocolate mixture and put in the fridge for a while (about 30 seconds). Pull out and mix. Crush the glued raisins and serve.

You can also add different kinds of dried fruit or nuts to this mixture.