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Day White T-Shirts (Shirts)

It always falls on 11 February every year.

This day became a public holiday (not) official in 1948.

General Motors (GM) employees on February 11, 1937 ended a strike that lasted for 44 days. This day, therefore, employees wear white shirts or shirts as a reminder of the fight for fairer conditions. Employees barricaded themselves inside the plant and forced society to recognize their trade union rights and wage bargaining and safe working conditions. GM has agreed to negotiate with and recognize the UAW.

Employees had to work long and not get extra wages. The safety was zero, if someone lost the limb they were working on, and no one cared. The bosses wanted to repair the roof or gift their favorite liqueur so that employees could keep this work in terrible conditions. It looked like this in the 1930s. This exploitation triggered the Flint Sit-Down strike and helped create the United Auto Workers (UAW).

The aim is to remind men and women who have participated in this strike and have reclaimed the right to decent working conditions.

If you want to add and celebrate today, take a white shirt or shirt.