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Dry February

In 2020 it is the 8th year. The Open Men League began to be held in February in Suche February.

The Open Men League in the Czech Republic invented Dry February following the example of Great Britain, where it holds dry January.

Dry February appeals primarily to men to give up a full month of alcohol, but women can also join. Men are world leaders in drinking alcohol. Nobody controls anyone and compels to observe Dry February. There's no need to register, but they can join the dry February on Facebook or the campaign website. Registration is voluntary and aims to financially support the campaign and charity projects.

Every year more and more people join the dry February. Anyone can participate. Some want to see if they can handle a month without alcohol, or they seem to drink a lot, or just want to cleanse their body of excessive drinking between the holidays.

Today it is common to have a drink after work or have a glass of wine at home. It is also because alcohol interferes with neurochemical pathways in the brain and releases endorphins that make a person feel good. Therefore, after a few drinks or glasses everything seems easy to us without a problem or worry.

Sometimes it happens that a person has a need to have alcohol and not to calm down a little when they have experienced a lot of stress or shock. If it becomes a daily rule of drinking stress, it can be a hidden depression or anxiety. Alcohol makes these symptoms worse. Alcohol worsens the quality of sleep. If you don't drink alcohol, your weight can go down. Alcohol encourages you to eat unhealthy food because you are under the influence and you control your will. Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body and leads to dry, shiny skin. Alcohol toxins can accelerate the aging process.

Alcohol causes many problems every year (health, accidents, violence). A month without drinking wants to point out the harmfulness of alcohol. No one is forced to join, and if anyone tries to break it at any time. People don't have to give up alcohol forever but try to make it without it and for how long. It is about reducing alcohol and realizing that there is no need to drink every day. You can even take a break for a week without alcohol at any time of the year. Drinking should be sparse and preferably not every day and rarely drunk (preferably at all).

You need to realize why you drink and how much. It's not about not drinking for a month and then drinking 11 months a day. In a month without alcohol, the organism does not manage to regenerate to drink the rest of the year. It is ideal if you want to have something alcoholic every week for 2-3 days not to drink. Or do not drink alcohol every week all week.

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, breast or colon cancer, indigestion, neurological disease. After a month of abstinence one has better control over alcohol consumption. Sleep quality, energy flow, blood pressure and sexual function are improved, skin and weight loss are improved.

When drinking alcohol, it is also important to drink soft drinks. Ideal for two alcoholic drinks non-alcoholic because alcohol dehydrates. That's why people have a hangover the next day.

It is important to stick to the motto “Everything in Peace”.