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Fast arrows

This year's 80th anniversary.

In the magazine Mladý zpěvák was printed the first part of the Quick arrows comic book exactly 17. 12. 1938. The author of these stories was Jaroslav Foglar and the illustration was made by Jan Fischer then Marko Čermák. Some parts were drawn by Bohumir Čermák and Václav Junek.

The quick arrows are the name of the fictitious boys' five, created as an alternative to scouting. The stories originally originated at the back of the Young Announcer magazine. The members of the fast arrow clubs were Mirek Dušín, Jarka Metelka, Jindra Hojer, Červenáček, Rychlonožka and their club dog was Bublina and then Kuliferda.

Foglar wanted to create an educational, instructive but also funny and eye-catching picture series to raise the cost of Young Announcer. The series quickly gained great popularity. Stories are educational in nature, many of them end up with lessons or advice. They call for proper behavior, help the weak, to act against injustice and healthy lifestyle. Respect for authorities, trust in laws and state authorities. They are also comic and adventurous.

Quick arrows in book form are like the trilogy Adventures in the Dark Avenues: Mystery Mystery, Stupid Storms, and The Secret of Great Vonta. The Mystery Mystery was also filmed in 1993. Perhaps the most well-known puzzler is Ježek in a cage.

For this anniversary, the Scout Foundation has prepared a number of events and has called it the Year of the Rapid Arrows, which will be from May 2018 to May 2019. A set of dozens of large-format reproductions is presented as a present for this anniversary. Posters are glued to cardboard slabs of glued canvas and can be bought at the Albatros e-shop.