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It always falls on 31 October each year.

The name Halloween originated by shortening the English term All Hallows Evening and it means All Saints' Evening.

It is an Anglo-Saxon folk holiday and is celebrated the day before All Saints' Day, therefore 31.10. It is said to have its roots in the tradition of the Celts, who parted with the summer and celebrated the coming of the New Year this day. This night it was called Samhain (after the Celtic god Samhain), who was the lord of the dead. The beginning of Samhain dates back to around 3350 BC.

During the night of Samhain, celebrations were held, large fires burned, and people wore masks and disguises to protect against evil spirits. They believed that ghosts could help this night or harm the enemies. The fires were the task of the souls of the dead to shine on the road. At the dawn of the soul of the dead, the god of the dead led back to the spirit realm. It was customary at dinner to set the table for deceased relatives who were expected to come to the family. Outside the window, a candle was lit in the carved beets to shine the wandering souls on their way. People changed into old shreds and painted on their faces to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Today it is called Halloween. Children wear creepy costumes and go around caroling around. The one he visits will give the children a sweet reward. If nothing gets sent down to the house curse. It is just fun and children do not harm the maximum put on the handle paste. Halloween symbols include pumpkins, costumes, scary decorations and masks. Pumpkins are hollowed out into which a candle is placed, which is lit in the evening. Households are decorated with scary decorations (witches, ghosts, black cats, brooms, fire, skeletons, spiders) and serve different dishes tuned in this spirit. Typical colors for Halloween are black and orange.

Halloween is celebrated predominantly in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Celebrations may vary from country to country. The celebrations began commercially around 1900 and the first costumes appeared in 1930 and carolled from 1950.

Halloween party recipe:


Crunchy bats with dips:



1 pack tortilla (or puff pastry)

100 g grassland

1 shallot

1 avocado

200 ml tomato paste

cane sugar

ground chilli

lemon juice

olive oil

grinded pepper





From batilla tortillas (or puff pastry) cut out bats (or other shapes) with a cookie cutter. Place on baking paper tray and brush with lead oil. Bake until golden and turn once not to burn.


First dip:

Chop the shallots in detail and froth for a little oil. Then add tomato paste, salt to taste, sugar, pepper and a little chilli. Boil briefly and allow to cool.


Second dip:

Half the avocado and take out the stone with a knife. Hollow out the pulp and crush the fork. To the pulp add legume, lemon juice, salt and pepper and mix.


Bats served with dips.