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Harvey Wallbanger Day

It always falls on 8 November each year.

There are several versions of this cocktail.

Reportedly, he was named after a surfer who tried to get into his hotel room after a long night out and staggered and crashed into the walls along the way. That's why this drink is called Harvey Wallbanger (Harvey means hitting the wall). This cocktail was invented in 1952 by the world champion in mixing cocktails by Donato "Duke" Anton.

As part of the promotion, Gorge Bednar, on behalf of McKesson Imports Company, invented Harvey Wallbanger to help promote the drink. The character and slogan he devised were very successful in promoting.

The drink is very simple to prepare and consists of vodka, orange juice and Gallian. Galliano is an Italian herbal liqueur of clear, yellow color. More than 40 alpine herbs, fruits, flowers and spices are needed to produce it.

You can use the #HarveyWallbangerDay, #NationalHarveyWallbangerDay, or social media hashtag.


Cocktail Harvey Wallbanger:




4cl vodka

1-2dcl orange juice

2cl Galliano liqueur

orange slice






Put 2/3 cubic ice into a highball glass. Then pour vodka and juice and mix. Pour Galliano over a spoon to avoid mixing and remain on the surface of the drink. Decorate with a slice of orange and add a straw.