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Hats Day

It is celebrated on 15 January each year.

It is an unofficial holiday celebrating one of the oldest accessories. Hats were worn for various purposes such as social status, festive or fashionable purposes, protection from the sun, rain or other dangers.

It is not known exactly when Hat Day was born or who started it. Over 5200 years ago, a picture was painted with one of the most common hats in Thebes. The picture shows a man wearing something that looks like a straw hat. Over the years headgear has changed. During the 18th century, various hats began to be produced around the world. Hats have become a symbol of wealth mainly among women.

The hat is part of the clothing and serves as a headgear. It is sophisticated and divided into 3 parts. It is a roof or corpus and has a flat pumpkin, the bottom edge is wide, wavy or flat (brim) and surrounds the entire perimeter of the hat. If it does not have a brim hat, it may have a circular label. The most common material is woolen cloth, felt, leather, light fabrics, plant fibers. They are decorated with various ornaments (bow, coat of arms, label, bird feather). Ladies' bows had a bow tie under the chin and a rich decoration (artificial flowers, fruits).

Nowadays, hats are worn occasionally, but for practical reasons they are mainly used against the sun. Women wear hats at social events (wedding, funeral). It is polite to wear a hat for example at races.