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Hitler at Prague Castle March 16, 1939

Thursday, March 16, 1939

At 02:00 Hitler dictates the wording of the Decree on the Protectorate. At 9:00 am working day, Hitler began to accept K.H. This morning a famous photograph was created, where Hitler gazes at the view from the Castle window, looking closely at Prague. The weather is more favorable, though the snowflakes are sometimes falling, the roads are wet. But the view of the Petřín Lookout Tower "spoils" Hitler. "He has to disappear, spoiling the overall view," he said to Frank in an imperial mood. It was not the only audience that day that the Reich Chancellor also accepted the Mayor of Prague, Otakar Klapka, and the newly appointed Deputy Mayor, Josef Pfitzner. After the war, this zealous Nazi waits for a death sentence by hanging. At 11:00 Hitler issues a decree on the establishment of the Protectorate. Czech political circles and President Hacha did not participate in its preparation. Hacha himself only learned the word after it was presented on the radio. A lot of meetings continue in the early afternoon. Hitler talks to Hacha for about half an hour and invites, for example, General Jan Syrový. The leader's program included a parade of the German troops' honorary unit and greeted German students in the castle courtyard. In his car, he also set out for an allegedly one-hour ride through Prague and health with enthusiastic Praguers and Germans. In the afternoon Hitler and his entourage leave the Castle and head for Česká Lípa, where his special train is waiting for him. The next day Hitler visits Brno. The article on the Protectorate contained 13 articles and 27 points. In addition to Hitler, Wilhelm Frick (Interior Minister), Joachim von Ribbentrop (Foreign Minister) and Hans Lammers (Chief Chancellery Officer) are also signed. Based on this decree, the Czech lands became an autonomous part of the Greater German Empire. By claiming that the Czechs will have real autonomy, the fact of how outrageously the Germans violated the terms of the Munich Agreement should be shielded. The day of Hitler's view of Prague's skyline was created on that day. The original commentary was: "Adolf Hitler, the protector of all Germans, the creator of the new order." two denominations. Around 2.4 million copies were made.