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Ice cream soda day

It always falls on June 20 every year.

This day is dedicated to ice creams in soft drinks or flavored syrup and carbonated water.

The likely inventor of this drink is Robert McCaye Green. In 1874, Robert McCaye Green replaced Philadelphia's ice with ice cream in Philadelphia. This created ice cream soda and was a great success. He sold soda water with ice cream and 16 flavored syrups.

However, already in 1862 Philip Mohr of New Jersey mixed soda water with ice cream to make the drink cool.

You can use #NationalIceCreamSodaDay or #IceCreamSodaDay to share on social media.

There are plenty of ways to prepare this drink. Here's a guide to some of them.

Snow White is made of 7UP (or Sprite) and vanilla ice cream.

The orange whip is made of orange soda and vanilla ice cream. The coconut float is made of Coca-Cola or Pepsi and vanilla ice cream.

Enjoy your meal