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Independent Bookstore Day (IBD)

It always falls on April 27 every year.

In 2015, the first Independent Bookstore Day was when Samantha Schoech (writer, lyricist and editor) and Independent Independent Booksellers Association of California founded this day. There were 400 shops.

In today's digital age, it is important for the society to stick to the roots of traditional printing. In these independent bookstores, they help promote new and emerging authors and help them sell novels and works. The idea behind this holiday is that bookstores are not just a place to buy books. They are also a place where people gather and express their love for stories. Children learn about literature and adults can come and relax with a good book during the day. Independent bookstores are sites run by passionate readers.

The aim is to help independent bookstores increase the sales of goods and help bring the potential of these bookstores to the fore.

There are events with live music, authors, children's events, reading, competitions and more. You can also get exclusive books and literary items this day, but you will only get them this day personally not online. You get something for free and some for purchase.

If you want to join this day, you can buy a book at an independent bookstore to support it. You can help as a volunteer and inspire others. You can use the hashtag #bookstoreday, #indiebookstoreday, and #independentbookstoreday to attract people online to read books.