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International Day of Migrants

It always falls on December 18th every year.

United Nations General Assembly this day since 2000.

Migration is attracting ever more attention. Migrants are people who have decided or have been forced to live in a home country. In most countries, they represent the majority of the population. A special group is runners. Bailiffs are asylum seekers (seeking protection from persecution and persecution).

The aim is to raise awareness and advocate on the rights of refugees.

In human history migration is a bold expression of an individual's will to overcome adverse events and live a better life.

Nearly two-thirds of migrants live in Europe or Asia. One in 10 migrants is under the age of 15.

The most powerful driving engine for migration is a well-paid job. A lot of advanced and dynamic economies need these workers to occupy places that do not want locals because they are willing to accept the salaries offered.