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International Day of Monkeys

The holiday falls on 14 December each year.

This holiday was created in 2000 when artist Casey Sorrow (at that time student) jokingly wrote the Monkey Day calendar. They first celebrated with friends. When Sorrow and his classmate Erik Millikin began their holiday in their works and the Fetus-X comic, and promoted them on the Internet, he became famous. This day is celebrated mainly in the US, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

They are celebrating masquerade parties, and they should attract attention to monkeys and apes such as research, animal rights and evolution. You can also celebrate with a zoo or compete for the best costume. Movies like the Planet of Monkeys and Monkeys are being used. When the 5th anniversary of this festival was celebrated in 2005, King Kong was featured in cinemas. Money is selected for monkeys and everything associated with them.

Casey Sorrow maintains the blog Monkeys in the News, dedicated to stories about monkey attacks, smuggling monkeys, and monkeys research.