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International Day of Spicy and Spicy Foods

It always falls on January 16th every year.

Already 6,000 years ago, people used hot and spicy food. Hot foods can be very good for humans because they have healing and antimicrobial properties. Garlic, chili, onion and oregano all these foods kill bacteria.

In hot peppers, the substance is capsaicin. The active ingredient contained in all the peppers causes the brain to believe that our body is overheated and creates a burning sensation. We begin to sweat and help in weight loss because it increases metabolism. Cold milk or yogurt is best aided by burning. Milk contains casein and this substance that dampens fats and binds to capsaicin oil and spills it out. The worst is to drink water because it does not mix with the oil and will result in heat transfer to the entire mouth.

The Scoville scale gives the measured pepper and chilli pepper. Capsules contain capsaicin and cause burns to stimulate nerve endings of the tongue. The number of units of fire corresponds to the amount of capsaicin present.

This scale is named after American chemist Wilbur L. Scoville. In 1912, he published a method of quantitative comparison of pepper heat. It is a solution of peppers, water and sugar and then diluted with water and tested by the taster until the hotness disappears.

To celebrate this day, you can have a bunch of hot peppers.