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International Day of Ties

It always falls on February 20th every year.

This day commemorates when, the patent was granted to George Carney for the revolutionary style of handcuffs on February 20, 1912. He invented a lightweight and easier to use than the previous handcuffs. The original handcuffs were heavy and bulky. In honor of Carney's patent, this day was established in 2010.
The first handcuffs were used from animal skins and lianas. These handcuffs were not reliable, so other things were tried like ropes. It was only the Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations that the use of chains and chains was historically documented. These cuffs were made in one size, so there was a problem with a small or, on the contrary, a wide wrist where the handles could not be used. These detained handcuffs caused frequent injuries and were also used as a torture tool. The handcuffs were heavy and it took a long time to get used.
American businessman W. V. Adams arrived in 1862 with handcuffs that fit his wrists. Over the years these handcuffs have improved and improved. In 1912, George Carney introduced the handcuffs that are still used today (lightweight with the ability to adapt to the wrists that did not touch his hands too much).
Handcuffs are essential to the company. It is used by police, prisons and other authorities in criminal proceedings. They are used daily for arrests, prison escorts and detention. Without police, not only police officers would be at greater risk. Also, magicians use the cuffs for their tricks and have enjoyed the audience for hundreds of years. Handcuffs help to keep collectors who exhibit them and often give them a chance.
Handcuffs are worn on the wrists of prisoners (offenders, suspects) to prevent them from escaping, maneuvering or protecting the environment. Handcuffs also use wizards in their performances or are collectors of handcuffs and are also used in sexual games.