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International Day Without Diet (INDD)

It always falls on May 6 every year.

This day, Mary Evans Young created in 1992. She has experienced anorexia nervosa, struggled with how she looks and bullyed for years, and so she tries to help people like them as they are and also like their body. In 1992, the first day without diets was celebrated in Britain. One year later, the International Day Without Diet was celebrated.

This day is not only a celebration of acceptance of your body but it is also aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle with a focus on health of any size. It also aims to raise awareness of potential dietary risks and unlikely success. Today, everyone should stop eating and count calories and love their body.

The media attack from all sides and advise how to be beautiful and slim. Only skinny beauties propagate and appear everywhere, and they dictate how everyone must look. Quick weight loss or the idea of ​​how one should look unrealistic and what character it takes to keep a mostly dangerous diet and harm your health.

According to nutritionists, people lose 10% of their body weight just to lose two-thirds of their body weight within a year.

The aim of this day is to raise public awareness of the dangers of diets and educate the public about a healthy lifestyle. The message of this day is that a short-term diet is not a good way to keep your weight.

You can use social networks to support this day as well as #NoDietDay and #NEDANetwork hashtags and share your experiences and photos.

The symbol of this day is the blue ribbon.