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International day without pants

It is celebrated every June 22nd. On social networks in 2012, a group of fans went "on the brink" and began to celebrate this holiday. At first it was a recession.

The first women's panties were created by the late British architect Lucy Duff-Gordon until the end of the 19th century. America's tennis player Gussie Moran, who was dressed in 1949 under a short tennis skirt in the Wimbledon tournament, cared for the expansion and popularity. The new style brought colors, brightness and glitter. She began using cotton, satin, lace, silk. Over time, the hygienic supplement became the symbol of sexuality and pleasure all over the world.

Psychologists support this day. For some women to go "sharply" it brings a liberating feeling of freedom and comfort. It's up to you if you decide to support this day and go "sharply."