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International non-smoking day

It always falls on the 3rd Thursday in November every year. This year marks 15 November 2018.

This day was born in 1977. Every year, cigarettes will save millions of lives worldwide. Long-term use of tobacco causes death from lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and ischemic heart disease. Everywhere in the world, 1 heavy smoker dies every 10 seconds. Smokers die 15 years earlier than non-smokers.

Very quickly a nicotine addiction will develop. Smoking (all tobacco products) is one of the most common causes of death worldwide.

Cigarette is a finely cut tobacco blend wrapped in cigarette paper. In cigarettes there is a mixture of tobacco (up to 30 rows) of different origins with other ingredients, cigarette paper and filter. The cigarette paper has the most chemicals in the cigarette. A third of all marine and ocean waste collected on the beaches consists of cigarette filters.

When burning tobacco, carcinogenic benzapyrene, tar, cadmium and another 5000 harmful substances are produced. Nicotine releases a strong addiction. In a smoking room there is a risk of passive smoking for non-smokers. Smokers must smoke smoke.

The aim is to spread awareness of how seriously harmful not only to smokers but also to people around them. There are a number of events around the world that point to the possibility of stopping smoking.

So do not smoke at least today and be considerate about the environment or quit smoking.