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International Rainbow Search Day

It always falls on April 3 every year.

The exact beginnings of this day remain unclear, and many people who enjoy color food today, clothes (all in rainbow color).

The rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon caused by the reflection of light in drops of water in the Earth's atmosphere. This results in a spectrum of light that appears in the sky. Rainbow colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

A rainbow is an optical phenomenon (photometeor) that manifests itself as a group of focused color arcs. These arise from refraction and internal reflection of sunlight or moonlight on water droplets in the atmosphere. There may be a similar phenomenon in tiny ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Aristotle has already decided that the rainbow is created by the reflection of light in the water drops. From 1635 to 1637, he was the first scientist to describe the rainbow of René Descartes, but he could not explain the origin of rainbow colors. Isaac Newton found out that the beam spreads to the individual colors as it passes through the raindrop.

There are several kinds of rainbow: double rainbow, circular, white, lunar, inverted.

The rainbow is also a symbol of diversity and diversity, the integration of different people, members of minorities.

By the 16th century, Europeans believed that everyone who walks under the rainbow would appear at the other end as their opposite sex.

If you go out and it rains you have a chance to see a rainbow and take a picture of it. You can have a rainbow-colored meal or take rainbow-colored clothes in fantasy with no limits.