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International Women's Day (MDG)

It always falls on March 8th every year.

International Women's Day (MDI) is an internationally recognized holiday that established the United Nations to mark the anniversary of the strike of the New York seamstress in 1908. For the first time, the Women's Day celebrated on February 28, 1909 and was proclaimed by the US Socialist Party. Two years later, German Socialist Luis Zietz proposed to celebrate this holiday every year and to address issues such as the right to vote in order to promote equal treatment for women.

At the beginning, he was celebrated differently than today, but with hundreds of demonstrations taking place in Europe. Women wanted to get the right to vote and maintain public office, to abolish gender discrimination.

After World War I, the date of 8 March 3 was largely under the influence of the great demonstration in St. Petersburg in 1917. Women marched around the city and demanded the end of the First World War. Until 1977, MDG was celebrated mainly in the socialist countries.

The holiday spread rapidly. MDI has been recognized by the United Nations since 1975. It recalls the day of international solidarity of women for equality, justice, peace and development.

When the UN General Assembly proclaimed MDI on 8 March, it gained worldwide popularity.

The goal of this day is to celebrate women and show them how we love them, respect them and appreciate them. MDI is very important to celebrate especially in those parts of the world where women are still forced to face inequalities on a daily basis and also to raise awareness of the challenges and struggles these women face.

Today, you can and not only today to support women and help them in their day-to-day work and at home. You can surprise them and cook, small gift, flower, take care of the children and let the woman relax.

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