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Month of iced tea

It always falls for June.

Iced Tea is a refreshing, sweet, cold drink that you can enjoy all year round. It is made in several flavors and is often served with ice cubes and sliced ​​fruits.

You can buy it already, put it in a cafe or do it yourself. The most common flavors are lemon, peach and raspberry. Served sweetened or unsweetened.

The most famous story about iced tea is from 1904 when at the World Fair of St. Ludvíka. Richard Blechynden Director of the East India Pavilion tried to offer samples of hot tea in Missouri. To increase consumption, the tea cooled down and immediately became a hit.

Tea is full of plant nutrients that help protect cells from free radical damage that help fight disease. Tea (unsweetened) helps protect teeth from tooth decay and gum disease.

Tea from plants has been known since time immemorial and used as a decoction or infusion. They were used for common drinking but mainly in folk medicine. Tea was made from herbs, fruits, shrubs, blossoms of trees, parts of trees, leaves. In Europe, tea appeared in the 17th century. The tea is most often served as a warm drink and may contain a small amount of alcohol (rum, plum brandy) or as iced tea.

You can use the #NationalIcedTeaMonth hashtag or on social networks.