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National Anthem Day

It always falls on March 4th every year.

A song that everybody knows and touches every member of your country, no matter where you come from the young to the old, is the national anthem. The anthem speaks about culture and history, and often about the identity of the nation. Children teach her at school. The anthem takes place during a sporting event, important days or festive occasions.

National or national anthem is a patriotic song or musical composition. It is determined by laws in the constitution and belongs to state or national symbols. The rise of an anthem is often associated with the origins of the state or the formation of a national identity or independence. It is an expression of the national thought and the official expression of the nation. Like the national anthem, there is also a royal anthem, which, with its text, celebrates a particular monarch or ruler, and is also a patriotic song.

The hymns originated in the 19th century, mainly in Europe. The oldest song is Dutch and is called Wilhelm. It originated during the Dutch Revolution in 1568 - 1572 and the current version arose shortly before 1626. In the 17th century it was popular as an orangistic march. The oldest texts taken from the Heian period (794-1185) were Japan's Kimigayo National Anthem. The Spanish national anthemMarch Real written in 1761 was among the first to be adopted as such in 1770.

The anthem is commonly used in military decorations, diplomatic events, special occasions, public holidays, sporting events. In some countries, the beginning of the school begins as an exercise in the patriarchy (in Tanzania). In other countries, the anthem opens a theater performance or movie in the cinema. Also some radios, when they start playing an anthem in the morning, and then at night to end the broadcast. On TV screens, they have a definite time when the hymn plays.

The Czech anthem has been used since the break-up of Czechoslovakia at the end of 1992. The Czech national anthem Where my home belongs among the state symbols and can be enjoyed in an appropriate and dignified way. The song comes from the play of Josef Kajetán Tyl and the Fidlovačka or No Anger and No Brawl (21.121834 in Prague). The text was modified by music by František Škroup. She quickly became a national song and became a national song.

The Czech national anthem:

Where is my home,

where is my home?

Water drifts along the meadows,

the bores whiz through the rocks,

in the set of flowers the spring flower,

Earth Paradise to look!

And that's the beautiful country,

Czech country, my home,

Czech country, my home!

Today is the right day to remind everyone of their hymn.