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National day drinking wine

It always falls on February 18th every year.

This is an unofficial holiday celebrated all over the United States.

Wine has played an important role in human history for thousands of years.

Wine grapes are the oldest evidence of 14,000 years and come from the Lake Geneva region. 8,000 years ago, evidence of wine production by fermentation technology has emerged in Transcaucasus and Mesopotamia. Documents on wine trade come from ancient Sumer dating back 5,550 years ago. Wine was part of the trade between Egypt and Canaan. From Egypt, wine spread throughout the world.

During the dark age the water was often dangerous, so wine was used almost in all meals as a safer alternative.

According to the expert, drinking wine has a small positive effect on health (cardiovascular disease and diabetes).

Wine is an alcoholic beverage and is produced by fermentation of grape must. It comes from the Latin word "vinum". It is divided into white, red, pink and orange wine. Depending on the dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet sugar content. Depending on the class and type of the land, the quality, the wine with attribute, the natural, the mosque, the kosher, the aromatic liqueur, the odalkoholizované, the sparkling and sparkling wine and the sparkling wine.

The goal is to celebrate the joy and benefits of wine for health.