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Nature photo day

It always falls on June 15 every year.

In 1994, the North American Photography Association (NANPA) was officially founded by more than 100 nature photography enthusiasts. The key principles of the organization are that the new association will be for nature photography, unlimited to photographers, and that it will represent the whole of North America, not just the United States. NANPA advocates the rights of nature photographers in a wide range of questions from intellectual property to public access to nature photography. NANPA has a membership not only for professionals but also for amateurs. NANPA is a non-profit organization. In 2006, the first Day of Nature Photography was celebrated.

Nature Photography is a industry dedicated to photographing natural elements including landscapes, geological formations, flora and fauna in their natural habitats and zoos. As a rule, it does not involve shooting human subjects, but some exceptions may be made depending on the situation.

The aim of this day is to realize the work they do and the fragility of their work.

Nature photography is a beautiful art that brings us closer to the world we live in. Looking through the camera lens helps capture every moment.

You can use the #NaturePhotographyDay hashtag or other social networks.