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Notre-Dame Cathedral

It is a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral that stands on the eastern half of the Île de la Cité on the Seine River in Paris. It is considered one of the most beautiful French Gothic architecture.

The cathedral was built for 182 years (1163 - 1345). The cathedral is 130 cm long, 50 m wide, 35 m high and accommodates up to 9,000 people.

The construction started according to the preserved records between March 24 and April 25, 1163, when the foundation stone was laid. King Louis VII was present. and Pope Alexander III. Four phases of the construction took place during the time of the bishops of Maurice de Sully and Eudes de Sully.

First, the construction of the choir began. It was completed in 1177 and the high altar was consecrated on May 19, 1182. The second phase involved four parts of the ship and its aisles between 1182 and 1190. The first girders and foundations of the facade were completed in 1190. Crown Chapel was placed in the cathedral. After the death of Bishop Maurice de Sully in 1196, Eudes de Sully, who died in 1208, continued.

Between 1225 and 1250, an upper gallery of a ship with two towers on the western facade was built. The cathedral was completed in 1345.

Over the centuries, the appearance of the cathedral has changed due to many wars and other interventions. In 1793 the cathedral was destroyed during the French Revolution. In 1804, the coronation of Napoleon I Bonaparte took place in the cathedral by Pope Pius VII.

The towers measure 69 m and 5 bells are suspended. The largest of them Bourdon Emmanuel in the summer of 1944 announced the liberation of Paris from fascist domination. Located on the south tower, it weighs over 13 tons. It is used for special occasions and worship and announces hours of the day.

A number of works of art, the remains of saints and other liturgical objects, a piece of the cross (on which he was crucified), an organ from the 13th century, stained glass and bronze statues from the 12th Apostles are kept in the cathedral. Among the most famous are the Crown of Thorns (which Jesus wore before his crucifixion) and Saint Louis robes, which belonged to Louis IX. French (1214 - 1270). He was on the 2 crusades to the Holy Land, and for his whole life lived in renunciation he was declared holy after death (28 years after death).

There are 378 steps to the tower. The most famous features of the cathedral include 3 pink stained glass windows. In the corners around the window is Jesus' descent to hell, Adam and Eve, the resurrection of Christ, Saint Peter and Paul, Mary Magdalene, and John the Apostle.