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Oral sex

Oral sex is stimulation of the genitalia or anal area of ​​the partner by mouth, lips and tongue that provides sexual pleasure.

As with any type of sex, it is important that both people like it and want to do it. Different erotic aids can be used. The advantage of oral sex is that a woman does not lose her virginity and reaches orgasm and does not become pregnant.

For many men, oral sex is very sensitive, so it is a good idea to start slowly and gently to work at a faster pace. You can experiment and try different movements of the tongue, mouth and head and find out what works best. Never use teeth unless the counterpart requires it. Do not forget to stroke his inner thighs, penis (especially the tip is very sensitive), scrotum, testicles and dams. You need to determine whether you let your partner ejaculate or not. It can use a condom to protect yourself from STD.

In a woman, the most sensitive part is the clitoris, which has more than 8,000 nerve endings. The whole pelvic area is very sensitive. You can experiment with creating different patterns with your language and try different rhythms. More than 80% of women give oral stimulation more excitement and sexual satisfaction than sexual intercourse and therefore prefer it to sexual intercourse.

Oral sex can also be done on anus partner. The most important thing here is thorough hygiene. You can wash both of them thoroughly in the bathtub as a prelude. First, start kissing and cuddling around the anus and then around the outer space and finally penetrating the tongue. Do not skip from the anus into the vagina because you can transfer bacteria to the vagina and cause infection.

The most well-known position for oral sex is position 69. In this position, caresses can be performed simultaneously by both partners.

If you have STDs, genital ulcers or if a person performing oral sex has mouth ulcers or gum bleeding, there is a risk of transmission of HIV, HPV virus (found in tongue and tonsil base, fatal disease) or STD (herpes, gonorrhea) , syphilis, chlamydia, genital warts and others). In anal oral sex, hepatitis A or B, E. coli and others may be transmitted.

It protects the condom or mouth mask well before most sexual diseases. Oral drape (latex square or plastic) is a thin, soft plastic that covers the vagina or anus. The mouthwashes may be of different flavors and disposable.

Oral sex can also cause injury. According to the dentist, his patient had a special lesion on the floor. It was due to blunt shocks during fellatio (smoking) she had been doing regularly. There is also a role in the suction movement, which can cause blood to accumulate in this area of ​​the mouth and to form clots. Some studies claim that swallowing seeds could help reduce the likelihood of developing pre-eclampsia (increased mother's blood pressure associated with protein leakage in the urine) during pregnancy and depression. However, these studies are not significant and therefore have to be taken with caution.

No one can be forced to have oral sex and it is only by agreement of both partners whether they want to run it.