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Puppies Day

It always falls on March 23 every year.

In 2006 Colleen Paige founded this day. She is also the founder of National Dog Day and National Cat Day. Since 2012, this day is globally recognized.

This day we help protect orphaned puppies all over the world and educate people about the horrors that dogs have gone through and also highlight dog breeds and farms. Around the world, there are about 500-600 million dogs, including stray dogs.

Dog breeders and farms are where dogs are kept for the sole purpose of selling them. Most of these are inhumane conditions. Old, sick dogs and also those unable to give birth to puppies are often left on the street or killed.

According to the study, children who grow up in close contact with the puppy are less ill. They help build the immune system against allergens and a strong sense of empathy promotes stress-free environments. They help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

The aim is to draw attention to breeding and dog farms that live in harsh conditions. Also quit these multipliers and farms.

The peculiarities include that the nose of a dog is as unique as a human fingerprint.