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Puzzle day

It always falls on January 29th every year.

Puzzle is any puzzle, crossword puzzle, sudoku, puzzler. It is an activity that develops logical thinking. They consist of shapes or shapes from pieces that have to fit in. There are several kinds of difficulty. There are fewer and fewer children, and there are fewer pieces for adults, and there may be several thousand. Puzzle pieces range from 20 pieces to 33,600 pieces. The largest puzzle in the world is Ravensburger and is named Disney Moments and contains 40,320 pieces.

When composing, we use both sides of the brain to improve our memory, cognitive functions and problem solving skills. Crossword puzzles and word search have the benefits of improving vocabulary and language skills. Puzzle and Sudoku (Set of Numbers on the Grid) Train your brain as well. It tests memory and logical thinking, stimulates the brain and improves skills. Brain stimulates the brain and keeps it active and trains its skills.

That's why you have to play the puzzle with the whole family today.